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Monday, July 29, 2013

Jeremy D'Entremont

     Several years ago I developed a passion for photographing lighthouses, primarily in Maine.  It didn't take long, however, before I was hooked, not only on shooting photos of these majestic beacons but on their incredibly rich history.  The stories of the people who lived in them as well as stories of the ghost of the people from the distant past are unbelievably addicting.  Furthermore, one cannot delve into this area without eventually meeting one Jeremy D'Entremont.  I cannot continue to offer this site, primarily on lighthouses, without doing a post on this outstanding individual.
Waiting For The Boat

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      Jeremy D'Entremont, without question, is the foremost authority on the lighthouses protecting mariners from the perils of the rugged coast of New England.  He has been researching and photographing them for close to thirty years now.  He has been an author, speaker, and tour guide for much of that time as well.  He is a Vice President and Historian of the American Lighthouse Foundation.
In addition, he founded the
Friends of Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouses, and is Vice President of the Friends of Flying Santa .

     Just a few of the ten or more books Jeremy has written are, "The Lighthouses of Massachusetts", "The Lighthouses of Connecticut", "The Lighthouses of Rhode Island", "Great Shipwrecks of the Maine Coast", and "The Lighthouses of Maine".  The latter has been republished in several volumes each representing a 

In His Element
differentarea of the coast of Maine.  Check out and/or buy Jeremy's books at,

     In the foreword of his book, "The Lighthouse Handbook: New England", Bob Trapani, Jr., the Executive Director of the American Lighthouse Foundation, says, "D'Entremont has traveled countless lonely roads to lighthouses, sought out and traveled their obscure walking paths, and in many instances, scaled the staircases of these stately beacons to obtain more than just travel information, which makes "The New England Lighthouse Handbook" a must-have for both the novice and tried-and-true lighthouse enthusiast".

     In the introduction to that book, Jeremy says, "I am often asked, "What is it about lighthouses?  Why do they mean so much to so many people?"  I usually hem and haw before I attempt a reply because there is no simple succinct answer to the question.  Certainly, lighthouses are often pretty or ruggedly handsome, and
Taking a Break
they're usually in beautiful or dynamic locations.  Some of them are marvels of engineering, the measure of the technology of their time.  They're frequently among the oldest buildings in our coastal communities, and they serve to link to centuries past.  They remind us that our nation was built on maritime trade and that safe navigation was essential to the growth if that commerce.  Beyond that, they speak to something deep inside us."

         Jeremy has also written hundreds of articles in publications such as, "Lighthouse Digest" and "The Keeper's Log".  He wrote the "lighthouse" in The World Book Encyclopedia.  His photos have been featured in several magazines, including, "Soundings", "Offshore", and "Captains Guide".

        Jeremy launched his first web site, "New England Lighthouses: A Virtual Guide" in 1997.  He now operates the site, "New England  Lighthouses: A Virtual Tour" .
      If you ever get the opportunity and privilege to meet Jeremy D'Etremont don't pass it up. You will thoroughly enjoy the time you spend talking and you will walk away much the richer.  To all who enjoy lighthouses, Jeremy is truly a treasure of our time.

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