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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Endless Summer Flower Farm

      Ok, here we go!  Today I made my much anticipated visit to The Endless Summer Flower Farm.  I will split my visit into five separate posts, one introductory and the other four flower shots.  It was one of the most enjoyable afternoons I have spent all summer.  For an inexperienced shutter bug who has a hobby of photographing flowers, it was like being a kid in a candy shop.  I sincerely hope you will not only enjoy my work but will find a way to visit this fabulous adventure.  The owners love to have visitors.  The sell some of the most incredible flower arrangements I have ever seen.  To top it all off, they are wonderful people.  If you enjoy my efforts, please comment below.

Inviting Roadside Sign

      Phil and Karen Clark operate this business of love  at their home on East Fork Road in Camden, Maine.  They not only sell incredible flower arrangements, they open their gardens to visitors, even if they are not home.  It would be a wonderful day trip that I promise you won't soon forget.  Please click on the below link to visit their website:

      Endless Summer Flower Farm

Their Roadside Flower Stand

In Front of Their House

Also in Front of Their House


Beside Their House

An Arrangement in the Making

   Come back for the next four postings to see their flowers, close up!  Once again if you enjoy this posting, please comment below.  It will encourage me to continue.  Thanks for your support.


  1. Would love to visit this farm in person. Your blog is the next best thing! Looking forward to the flower photos.

  2. I tried once to comment, it was lost some where along the way. I would love to see more of your posts, you do such a great job. I really enjoy the photos and the details.