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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mulholland Point Lighthouse

     Mulholland Point Lighthouse was built in 1888 on the west side of Campobello to guide small coasters and freighters traveling into Cobscook and Passamaquoddy Bays through the Lubec Narrows. This route offered more shelter during foul weather than did the alternate route around the eastern side of Campobello Island. 

     This lighthouse is a wooden-framed octagonal tower 44 feet high; its basal diameter is 22 feet. The iron lantern, which sits about 60 feet above the high water line, once held a seventh order, dioptric, oil-fueled lamp. In 1962, when navigational lights were installed on the newly-built bridge that connects Lubec with Campobello Island, the lighthouse was decommissioned. The tower and adjacent shed were sold to Campobello resident Clifford Calder in 1963 after the light was discontinued. The Look family, who owned an adjacent Lobster pound, later purchased the lighthouse from Mr. Calder, and on December 4, 1984, brothers Austin, Lynn, Anthony, Shirley, and Donald Look donated the lighthouse to Roosevelt Campobello International Park in memory of Clifford Calder.

     Directions:  On the east side of Lubec Channel On Campobello Island, the light is easily seen from the Maine side of the channel.  It can easily be reached from Lubec, Maine by taking Route 189 to the FDR Memorial Bridge.  Cross the bridge into Canada and after going through Canadian Customs take a left into the park and parking area.The morning light is good for photos in the park while the afternoon light is best from Maine locations.

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  1. My ancestors Malachi Parker and his son Alvin Parker were the keepers of light for the Lighthouse (Malachi the first keeper till 1901 then Alvin till 1925.